Out with the Old, in with the new.

Story (what there is of it that is)

Fantastic creatures live among us. Most hide as humans so not to be trapped by hunters and have their parts sold in the black market for mages to use in potions.

The cast


Age: 24 Occupation: Job Hunting

Lacy, the new girl in town. She's running from Hunters. She is a Phoenix though for reasons she doesn't talk about she doesn't need a devise to help her stay in human shape.


Age: unknown Occupation: Unknown

No one knows what he is, or even what he is doing. Scarred head to toe, with a constant grin and even more power. This is a man one does not want to mess with. Sometimes villian, sometimes guide, he is definately Lacy's worst enemy though she lives with him.


Age: looks 18 Occupation: Porn writer

A disguised Unicorn. She wares a pendant against her throat. She's a bit of a internet geek and a porn nut. Acts like the dumb blond, no real evidence to contradict this claim.


Age: looks 25 Occupation: Unknown

Horny, without shame, he shows up claiming to be Sara's cousin. Since she needed someone to help pay the bills and who could cook better than her, she kept him.

Frank (Francis)

Age: 700 Occupation: Tacohell

The red dragon is a bit of a hermit. He hates nearly everyone and everything. Hates his job, but in a tiny town like Starfire there are not alot of jobs to be found.
Hunters No info yet
Manager Frank's manager at Taco Hell
L33t Penguins Nothing known of where these things came from, they seem to show some intellegence, and Sara is petrafied of them.

About the comics: The story line is simple, there isn't any. Anyone that wants to make use of current characters already made are welcome to do little random gag comics. Just remember

Lacy's the sane one, and a bit sarcastic. Frank hate's being called Frank or Frankie.. and hates just about everything else as well. Tearen is a shameless perv, with a cute cat and a thing for underware. Sara likes to put her freinds into dirty stories and seems to have a lack in brains. Mkael is mysterious, evil and takes things litterately because it's more amusing that way!